The Company

    ITS Technology Group build and operate full fibre and fixed wireless access networks and also provide proactive IT managed services and  hosted telephony solutions for hard to reach rural and urban businesses.

    Their Challenge

    • Small Size

      ITS Technology Group started small with just 7 people working in offices in Runcorn. They needed to grow quickly to ensure their funding continued.

    • Market Perception

      Being a small company, they needed to give the impression of a much larger company to build credibility. We acheived this through aspiring to “punch above our weight” with clever use of a very active marketing team, excellent PR and attendance at focused industry events.

    • Limited Resources

      They needed to use resources cleverly to ensure we achieved the most ROI for our marketing and sales investment.

    How We Helped Them Grow Quickly

    Marketing Support

    We setup and ran their marketing department, all campaigns and channels.

    Sales & Marketing Strategy

    We supported the sales and marketing strategy, helping ITS to find new contracts, build contacts, win complex sales and promote the company.

    Sales Support

    We supported their sales team with campaigns, messages, collateral and proposals.

    Board Reports

    We prepared insightful reports every month, reporting in on all channels, progress on tasks and key KPIs.

    Event Support

    We supported the team at events, including a marketing plan, budget and all collateral.

    Recruitment & Mentoring

    We grew the marketing department and trained up new recruits to run the department successfully.

    The Results

    • Rapid Growth

      During the last 6 years, ITS has grown to 10 times it’s size, with over 80 people in the company.

    • Continued Investment

      ITS has recieved multiple funding rounds from Maven Group.

    • Network Building

      ITS now own over 10 fibre networks, in key locations all over the UK. Their broadband customer contract base grows continually and their number of clients on IT support contracts has also risen steadily.

    David Cullen

    Group Director

    ITS Technology Group

    “Michelle is a very rare breed in her main area of expertise- Marketing and Partner management. What sets her apart is a calm, steady ability to really listen and take in what’s needed to make the business relationship work- then to turn that understanding into concrete action of just the right kind, whether that be market awareness, social media profile or tighter partner liaison.”

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