Grow Your IT Company Quickly

    Structured planning

    Achieve a minimum of 30% growth per year

    A library of tools & resources

    Boost your IT sales & profit margins

    Ongoing support & knowledge 

    Optimise your sales cycle, measurably increase leads

    A detailed growth plan 

    The fastest way to grow an IT, tech or telecoms company

    High Growth IT Strategy involves working together to pinpoint your current problem areas and using growth techniques and structured planning to overcome your growth challenges. Using our library of growth tools and resources, we formulate a detailed, workable action plan to grow your IT business by a minimum of 30% per year. We conduct a detailed diagnostic session, share all our best strategies with you and put measures in place to optimise your marketing, boost sales leads and increase sales performance.  We produce a detailed growth plan that maps out every aspect of the process and the impacts on your business. We support you to action your tailored growth plan and iron out kinks along the way.

    How It Works

    Diagnose, Benchmark & Set Goals

    Your IT sales goals, growth objectives and timelines. We analyse your potential marketing channels, credibility status, assets, resources and budget

    Growth Framework & Strategy Tools

    Our time-tested growth methodology and extensive library of strategy tools is very eye opening. Our approach has the transformative effect you need to achieve high growth in the technology world

    Increase Your Sales Leads

    Boost your sales leads and automate lead generation to unlock the door to increased profit. A deep audit of your target services, market research & the competitive landscape. We analyse how many leads you can achieve and your anticipated cost per lead.
    Tracking of marketing assets, passwords & task prioritisation, we create a marketing schedule, content schedule & strategy. We set KPIs, target metrics & reporting structures & establish consistent lead generation tactics.

    Boost Your Sales Performance

    Techniques include: IT partnerships & reseller strategies, Strategic IT selling processes, How to lock out your competitors, Top 100 targeting & account based selling, Existing customers, cross selling & upselling.

    Growth Training & Resources

    Hands on training to guide you through the process. We set tasks together and then catch up via regular video calls.

    We Produce a Detailed Growth Plan

    An IT business growth plan that you can use as your roadmap to guide your growth. Actions include lead generation, sales, marketing, personnel, skills, costings, timings, funding etc.

    Actions & Ongoing Support

    We help you complete the actions you need to ensure that the plan becomes reality. We fill in skills gaps and help you consistently hit your key growth metrics.
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