The Company

    Near Me is a San Francisco based, venture funded local marketplace software solution. Global brands and Entrepreneurs now have a turnkey platform supported with go-to market strategy and expert advice for creating peer-to-peer marketplaces.

    Their Challenge

    • High Growth

      Near Me needed to grow quickly and build revenues in EMEA in order to secure their next rounds of funding.

    • Strong Understanding of Technology

      Near Me’s product is very unique, they needed people who could quickly understand and articulate futuristic technology that would go on to disrupt the market place and grab market share.

    • Strong Industry Contacts

      They needed people who were well connected within the telecoms, retail and media industries, in order to raise awareness and evangelise the power of their product. This would ensure that they continued to recieve their VC funding rounds and grow steadily.

    Their Product

    How We Helped Them Grow Quickly

    Sales Plan

    We helped them forumate their sales plan, to steadily grow in EMEA, gain market share and drive into their sector.

    Sales Targets

    We helped them deliver on their sales targets in EMEA and rapidly grow their contract base to ensure their funding continued.

    EMEA Market Entry

    We gave them contractual advice and support about market entry into EMEA, including sales talent & how to achieve their sales targets.

    The Results

    • Venture Capital Secured

      Near Me have grown quickly and achieved significant investment.

    • Global Market Share

      They have continued to grow and grab market share, growing 26% per year on average.

    • Sustained Growth

      Having invested in their sales and marketing from the beginning, they continue to grow successfully and acheive strong revenues.

    Neil Marshall

    Sales Director

    Near Me

    “The knowledge the team has shared with me on a number of occasions have developed countless domestic and international revenue opportunities. They definitely have the “Midas Touch” and I’m happy to recommend them.”


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