The Company

    Counterpath are a Vancouver based, VC funded, desktop and mobile SIP-based VoIP softphones and solutions for enterprises and service providers. Home of the industry favorite Bria and X-Lite clients.

    Their Challenge

    • High Growth

      Counterpath needed to achieve high sales growth

    • Market Share

      They needed to disrupt the market, grab market share and generate quick ROI

    • High Performance

      They needed to demonstrate high sales performance to secure their next rounds of venture capital funding.

    Their Product

    How We Helped Them Grow Quickly

    Sales Team Support

    We worked closely with their VP of Global Sales to ensure that they had full sales support in the US and EMEA regions.

    Sales Resources

    We ensured they had all resources in place to deliver on their global sales plan. We helped build their sales team.

    EMEA Market Entry

    We gave them contractual advice and support about market entry into EMEA, including sales talent & how to achieve their sales targets.

    The Results

    • Venture Capital Secured

      Counterpath grew quickly and secured their next 2 rounds of funding.

    • Strong EMEA Presence

      With the help of a strong sales presence in EMEA, they won significant market share.

    • Strong Contract Base

      They have built their global contract base and continue to grow rapidly.

    David Snell

    VP Global Sales CounterPath

    “High Growth IT have worked with us to achieve a high growth sales strategy and achieve our next round of funding. They have given advice on sales strategy in EMEA and helped us build a team that can deliver this.  Their support has been unparalleled. I would not hesitate to recommend them to support any venture capital funded company on a rapid growth trajectory.”

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